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MOFA Fish Processing Private Limited
is a HACCP compliance, 100% export oriented Bangladeshi Frozen Shrimp and White Fish Processing farm, exporting The  revolutionary  EU approved ''MOFA BRAND'' Fish Products to all over the world.
Values and Business Strategy of MOFA
Corporate R & D
Corporate Quality Assurance
Environmental conservation for the benefit of society as a whole, and development of new products and services with high quality standards through the use of advanced technology, which will ultimately benefit business partners and consumers.

MOFA realizes that human resource is the material factor for the success of the company. Having good and proper working values shall also support the company efficiently reach its target settings. Hence, we have set forth 6 principles that are incorporated into MOFA Way -- the basic qualities that we wish to instill in our personnel and to strive to bring the organization to achieve the targeted goals.

1. Embrace Change
2. Learning and Sharing
3. Innovation
4. Integrity and Honesty
5. Result Oriented
6. Dedicate to Country

MOFA's business strategy is simple
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