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Values and Business Strategy of MOFA

MOFA takes great pride in the freshness of its raw materials, the system and processes used in production methods and the final quality of all its end products.
Blessed by the location, MOFA's factory receives delivery of naturally raised shrimp caught only two hours ago. This location ensures our raw materials are always delivered fresh to our door and their quality are without any doubt the best available.

All employees at the factory are from the Shrimp processing and packaging Industry. They are all highly experienced in the strict processes and procedures management and production method. Our skilled and experienced work force uses modern machinery and technology to ensure that our fresh raw materials are processed according to the highest international standards.

Throughout the production process, from taking delivery of raw materials to delivering the end product to port, MOFA has implemented a well-tried and tested system of quality management. We do this through our own in house Quality control team and our modern Quality control technology laboratory. The health standard authority of the Bangladesh Government conducts the final test of quality of MOFA's product. With this focus on quality and freshness, MOFA is able to demonstrate an excellent and enviable track record of more than just maintaining, as a minimum, the acceptable standards of quality and freshness in all its products as stipulated by the international standards authority.


Without compromising on quality MOFA FPPL is committed to deliver on its customer's requirements, MOFA aims to delight all its customers and exceed their expectations so that our customers enjoy doing business with MOFA. It is with this desire that MOFA strives to make its customers turn long-term business partners. We are delighted that we have been able to bring to our loyal customers over past five years, real and tangible business value. We hope, like them, you also will give MOFA the opportunity to bring the same business value to you and your business.


These two principles are at the heart of MOFA's business philosophy. It dictates the way MOFA conducts business inside and outside the company. We demand a committed workforce working in partnership with each other as a clear and coherent term. These principles have been the key of MOFA's success in wining new international customers. We have developed an ethics that lends itself to establishing long-term business partnership with the largest and most demanding of customers in the Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Middle East markets.