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MOFA Fish Processing Private Limited
is a HACCP compliance, 100% export oriented Bangladeshi Frozen Shrimp and White Fish Processing farm, exporting The  revolutionary  EU approved ''MOFA BRAND'' Fish Products to all over the world.
MOFA's traceability Policy
MOFA's traceability combines information of its state-of-art technology for feed and farm management together with high standard and efficient food manufacturing operation. The system is able to facilitate of trace back, ability to provide data to ensure proper management of bio security emergencies, quality and safety issues, giving instantaneous control in any scope and scale of problem. CPF ensures that there is a systematic record for tracing backward throughout the whole production process, from final product, farm, feed and ingredients. At any point in the supply chain, MOFA is able to track the finished product status and distribution toward its end.

The integration of quality assurance system, food safety, and traceability with vertical integrated Fishery production, enable MOFA to differentiate its value of product and services to consumer. The traceability from Farm to Fork becomes the strength of MOFA.

MOFA continues the development in IT infrastructure to capture data across supply chain, recognizes the increasing importance of traceability to consumer demand and achieving global market access. Our Track and Trace system will be enhanced this year and we plan to continue leveraging these information technology systems to drive efficiency and provide traceability throughout the food supply chain.